The Bible Unveiled By Mangasarian, M M.

Still one other worthy effort is in the direction of omitting from youngsters’s schoolbooks descriptions of war and carnage, so as to win them over to the nobler reason for peace. But why don’t good women and men, who’ve bravely undertaken these needed reforms, strive their hand also on the Jewish-Christian bible? I problem these reformers, who would expunge from youngsters’s text-books the descriptions of battles and slaughters, to discover a single passage in the secular history of Europe and America which might evaluate with the descriptions of David’s divine method of warfare.

The solely hanging feature of the vaunted Solomonic edifice was its porch, which was altogether out of proportion to the relaxation of the constructing, being one hundred and forty toes higher than the temple itself. But the eccentric porch, climbing up a hundred and forty feet larger than the building it was designed to serve, as properly as the constructing itself, and the untold moneys it value, along with the huge military of toilers, existed solely in the creativeness of the Jewish scribe. The prejudice against the Jew is one of the most degrading things in trendy life. Such is the solidarity of humanity that what hurts one is sure to harm additionally the other. But we see no answer of the Jewish drawback except within the complete emancipation of the Jew from Judaism, and of the Christian from Christianity. A religion which forbids a person to marry the lady he loves as a result of she is of a special religion is a separatist religion.

We have miracles to preserve shoes and garments, and lifeless males’s bones, but none to save the writing of God. Thus it’s that every one the “original” paperwork of the prophets and the apostles have perished, whereas the real wooden of the cross and the coat of Jesus have been miraculously preserved. To educate that no one could be higher than Jehovah, as he’s depicted within the bible, is the most hopeless pessimism. It is the thought of human perfectibility and the concept of progress which give wings to human effort. The bible denies to man the privilege to transcend the ideals of the past, or to be better than his Asiatic gods. The God who in the Old Testament hardened the heart of Pharaoh that he may ruin him and his folks, leads individuals, within the New Testament, to hug a delusion to their souls that he may damn them.

I am conscious, of course, of the argument that Israel’s superiority lay in its clearer ethical visions. But why should a folks morally superior to their neighbors be so mediocre in every little thing else? Is moral excellence prejudicial to national development?

If the brand new Koran be just like the old, no addition, or enchancment has been made to religious literature by its production; if the brand new Koran be different from the old, then it’s not a reproduction. “Let them produce it!” sounds pompous sufficient, however it’s all noise and rattle. And Abimelech mentioned, What is that this thou hast done unto us? One of the people might lightly have lien with thy spouse, and thou shouldst have brought guiltiness upon us. And it got here to move, when he had been there a lengthy time, that Abimelech, king of the Philistines, appeared out at a window, and noticed, and, behold, Isaac was sporting with Rebekah his wife. Had Mr. Bryan been reading Cicero as an alternative of Elijah; had his tradition been European instead of Asiatic, he would by no means have quoted the murder of four hundred and fifty men by one of many bible prophets as a proof of the truth of his religion.

The object of the soft hymns and cajoling prayers in the churches to-day have the identical function for which the sacrifices and dances of the barbarians were instituted. How to allure the deity, to please and engage his services, is the finish and goal of every sort of worship. The story of Cain and Abel is the primary episode on, earth.

On one theme all components of the bible are in excellent unison—God comes earlier than man. “Blessed are the pure in heart,” preaches Jesus; and why are the pure blessed? “Because,” is the answer Bible facts revealed, “they shall see God.” There just isn’t a word stated in regards to the social value of personal and public purity of coronary heart.

It has been customary to hint fashionable scepticism, or free inquiry, to the eighteenth century, or to the Renaissance; but in actuality trendy thought began with Adam within the Garden of Eden—assuming in the intervening time the correctness of the narrative. Man broke the very first commandment the gods ever gave, “Thou shalt not know,” and by so doing he turned himself a menace to the gods. It was not man who died on the day the fruit of data was plucked; it was the gods. “Take care! The day on which I eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge thou shalt die!” It is now admitted by the foremost biblical students that there are actually two different stories of the creation of man in the first and second chapters of the bible.