How long will the cat stay in heat?? Is there really a cat to put in the heat??

The cycle of prostration, rut and tenant is repeated during the mating season. During a rut, cats are open to mating in the heat – so follow our recommendations below to make sure you treat your cat with heat with caution and caution.

Instead of referring to pain, the call aims to draw potential slaves. So when you hear this sound, don’t worry about your pet suffering.

However, it is natural and natural for your cat to behave this way. But if you handle it a lot, look for a long-term solution. This procedure will be repeated until your cat is sterilized. The temperature can last up to a week and can be repeated in the near future. Finding long-term treatments and your cat can help you rest.

While it makes sense to assume that a hot cat will have the same physical symptoms as a woman, the reality is completely different. So contrary to popular belief, heat should not involve vaginal bleeding. Since female humans throw the uterine lining every month, there may be contractions, enlarges, and related symptoms. Cats do not suffer from other physical contractions or symptoms, despite their crying and due attention during this time. Instead, a wave of hormones will be very eager to mate with your cat.

These cats help calm and rest and are an excellent option to use while heating your cat. If it’s hot, your cat will get more excited with males.

When your cat is in heat, you start looking for a suitable partner. Cats are adept escape artists when they are willing to make calls. Therefore, be careful to ensure that your cat never comes into contact with a healthy male cat. As the cat became overcrowded, it became difficult to put small cats.

So it would be a good way to wear blinders and stop doors and windows to protect them from cat going into heat mating. Pour your cat to get rid of heat complaints within a few days of the procedure.